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We specialise in a variety of styles, including the Pixie cut, the undercut, buzz cut, crew cut, Caeser cut, French crop, comb over, side part, a pompadour, quiff, slicked back, spikey haircut, curly haircut, textured haircut, skin fade, skin fade, faux hawk and short back and sides.


The shave consists of hot towels, shaving with a cut-throat razor, luxurious shaving cream, cologne and aftershave balm scents, and an exceptional post-shave moisturiser.

we will expertly shape your facial hair using an array of cutting and styling tools. Then we will treat your beard with luxurious beard oil.


Blend away grey hairs with a 5-minute service, making it quick and effective hair colouring for people in a hurry.


You will love the natural and discreet results.

“Highlight” means “to emphasize,” and that’s exactly what you’re aiming to achieve with highlights. You’re emphasizing the texture and layers of your hair with slightly lighter colour scattered throughout.

Price Menu

All prices are from, prices can be increased without any notice

Additional Needs Services

These haircuts are aimed at clients with additional needs and struggle with the process of getting a haircut our aim is to build trust and help them desensitize to the experience, and we charge by time not gender or abilities

Additional Needs Haircut Experience (Intro / Confident)


Additional Needs Haircut Experience (Standard)


Additional Needs Haircut Experience (Extra Time)


Hair Services

These are pricing for neurotypical clients, and we charge for our time, not by gender as all wonderful humans are welcomed to Craig's Barbershop in Bolton

Haircut (Short Length)


Haircut (Medium Length)


Haircut (Long Length)


Fade (Short Length)


Fade (Short Length)


Children Haircut (Short Length) Under 12


Children Haircut (Medium Length) Under 12


Children Haircut (Long Length) Under 12


Teenager Haircut (Short Length) Age 12 -16


Teenager Haircut (Medium Length) Age 12 -16


Teenager Haircut (Long Length) Age 12 -16


One Length Clipper Cut (Shaved Head)


Afro Haircut


Neck, Back and Sides


Blow Dry (Short Length)


Blow Dry (Medium Length)


Beard and Shaving Services

Beard Trim


Hot Towel Shave (Open Razor Used)


Chemical Services

Before any chemical service a skin test needs to be carried out 48 hours before to eliminate any adverse reactions to products used during service

High / Low Lights


Grey Blending (Temporary Colour}


Full Head Tint


Chemical Straightening





If you are feeling blue or want to get something off your chest, Craig is here to listen Craig's Barbershop is a non-judgemental safe place but if you need support you can visit:

Brew and Chat


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