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What is an additional hair professional?

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Craig is a hair professional, some may say he is a hairdresser others may say he is a barber but he spent years at college studying the art of cutting hair, as hair doesn't have gender only the human who is wearing it.

So what is an additional needs a hair professional? Well, you see it an awesome person who works with the superheroes with a mental, medical or psychological condition, be that they autistic, deaf, paraplegic, poor mental well being or any other disability that makes them an awesome human being

that needs a little extra care when they come for there haircut and some to adapt to their needs.

Craig works with all genders and backgrounds, without any judgment, segregation, or discrimination this means everyone is welcomed at Craig’s Barber Shop in Bolton and he does his utmost to give the five-star service they deserve as a member of the community and a hair shop, barbershop or hair salon is a community service so we serve the community and everyone who apart of the community.

Craig spends a lot of free time and the day off working within the community visiting care homes, schools, and

nurseries that are specialist divisions for the additional needs community as well as all that he manages to run a business, develop amazing resources like hair industry pec cards for the non-verbal autistic and deaf community, if you like to see them, there a link below.

If you have questions about Craig’s amazing work you can drop us an email at or call us at 01204322513 or why not drop us a WhatsApp at +44(0)7538110903

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