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Do you know what’s great about this new non-regular apparel collection?


Apart from being made from high-quality materials, crafted with consideration to current trends, IT HELPS YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURHOOD BARBER, after all, they work hard to maintain your image, however unique that may be.


We don’t discriminate with our client base when we ask ‘what are you having?’.  Nothing surprises us and we wanted to reflect this ‘open to all’ culture in our studiously presented designs.


Available in a mostly neutral colour palette the collection is manufactured to cruise past even the most stringent process checks and provide style and comfort inequality.


Our company messages are obvious through the designs and we’d like you to help us promote them while looking fresh at the same time.  Adding a cap or bag from our accessories collection gives your outfit distinction and are essential items for getting to us for your hair appointment.  


Be a brand shepherd, not a sheep.


The only label you’ll need is the garment care.  Our collection is completely unisex as we don’t like to say what you should and should not wear.  Your body, your choice.

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